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You’ve got to fix yourself

The scientific community is still searching for a lot of answers to supplement our knowledge of Diabetes and help in our treatment of it. Dr Rita Basu, MD from Mayo Clinic USA has made some valuable...

Cycling is a great way to keep fit

EXERCYCLING Cycling is a great way to keep fit, enjoy scenic landscapes and spend some leisure time with family. It really works wonders and you don’t require any special training to enjoy this simple activity...

Childhood Obesity

Obesity in adolescents and children The increasing occurrence of Obesity amongst the young is a matter of concern, and especially so because obesity in childhood can lead to problems like diabetes in...

Role an individual’s environment plays in the case of Type 2 Diabetes

Going beyond the basics: Everyday choices matter! Dr Dwaipayan Bharadwaj talks about the role an individual’s environment plays in the case of Type 2 Diabetes in a chat with Deepti Sharma,reported by Sunila...

Bone infection in diabetes mellitus

Diabetes makes your bones lighter! Dr. Abhijit Joshi explains how people with Diabetes have a higher risk of bone infection. Increased risk of bone infection People with Diabetes are at high risk for...

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The magazine is published by Chellaram Foundation, a Not for Profit Section-25 company, to generate awareness about Diabetes, and to try and make an impact on the alarming Diabetes situation in India. Read more

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The goodness of walnuts

  Previous research shows that nuts and other foods that are high in polyunsaturated fats have health benefits in people with Diabetes and heart disease. Nuts are a rich source of nutrients with proven benefits...

Testing Made Easy

  Continuous blood glucose monitoring systems use a tiny sensor inserted under the skin to check glucose levels in tissue fluid. These devices provide real-time measurements of glucose levels, with glucose levels...

Pain Treatments

  Adhesive capsulitis (commonly known as frozen shoulder) is a painful disorder, where the movement of the shoulder is restricted. Having Diabetes increases your risk of developing a frozen shoulder. A study...

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