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The number of people with Diabetes in India has crossed the 70 million mark!

  • History tells us that humanity's battle against diseases have been decisively won only with adequate knowledge and awareness.
  • Diabetes Health, a bi-monthly magazine, is an initiative in this direction. It is a step in the direction of Education and Awareness.
  • In every issue of Diabetes Health magazine we tackle topics relevant to Diabetes.

The mission of Diabetes Health is to :

  • Spread awareness and knowledge of diabetes and its consequences throughout India
  • Motivate the population to take preventive measures
  • Empower all those affected to participate in their own Healthcare Management

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Lung diseases

I’m 30 years old and I never did realise that pollution could have such a huge impact on our Diabetes management. I really do wish that people become more aware that environment also does play a significant role in our well-being and for the coming generations. It is nice to see such topics being covered...

Insulin myths

I’m 18 years old and I found the article on Insulin very interesting. Since I have Type 1 Diabetes, most of information proved to very useful and informative. I do hope you cover more on insulin in your upcoming issues. Manoj Pradhan, Chennai.

First aid kit

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article on “Creating your first aid kit”. I was very happy to get an insight on how to prepare a first aid kit. It was a very nice and interesting topic and covered all the essential points. I really appreciate the effort that was taken in covering one of the...

Hoping for a better future

Reading the article on “What’s new in weight loss surgery” motivated me. I really do hope more and more people read such articles so that things change for the better. Also I wish that in the future Diabetes can be managed effortlessly and that this disease become obsolete. Sandra Fernandez, Mumbai.

Beginner’s dilemma

I’m 30 years old and was just diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I was really happy reading your cover story as it was very informative. I do hope more and more people read such articles so that they become more aware of the common terms used and understand their condition better. Akshaya Dholakia, Chennai.

Sweet craving

I’m 18 years old and have a sweet tooth. Once I was diagnosed with Diabetes I had to give up the one thing that I enjoyed the most. I didn’t even know that something like dark chocolate existed. I feel much better that I have some option for my sweet cravings. Thank you for covering...

Sweet Nothings

Artificial sweeteners has been in the market for quite some time and a healthy option for people who want to enjoy sweet and keep their weight under check. I found this article extremely informative as most of the things mentioned here were unknown to me. Although I do not have Diabetes I use artificial sweeteners...

Fitter you

I found the concept of Masala Bhangra very interesting; I did not even know that such exercise regime even existed. I’m sure most people my age wouldn’t even know about until they read your magazine. Please try and cover such innovative exercise regime in the future so that people can add more variety to their...


I was impressed reading your new feature on the Jawbone application. Since I’m technology savvy such articles really appeal to me. I really appreciate the efforts that the team has taken in covering such topics and wish you success with the future issues. Sulagna Mukherjee, Kolkata.

Dealing with Diabetes

I have had Diabetes for a long time and in 2008 I had a renal failure. I was on dialysis for almost six years and underwent kidney transplant a year back. Since then I have been very careful with my blood sugar levels. Your magazine to me came across like a mine of information, a...

Cauliflower power

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your nutrition section and recipes provided as it help me churn out some good recipes without compromising on the taste. I do hope you cover more and more food groups in your upcoming issues to help us lead a healthier life. Sarika Singh, Chennai.

Childhood obesity

Your cover story was very interesting and I wish that more people realise that obesity is something to be tackled from the very beginning. I was touched reading this section. I really do hope people become more aware of such issues and take care of their children so that the future generations can a lead...

Healthy feet

I have been suffering from Diabetes for the last 20 years. Foot problems are a major concern when one has Diabetes and this aspect is often neglected and most people are misinformed. I personally appreciated the effort you and your team took in preparing the cover story on the foot. It was very informative and...

Cardio freak

Pilates is one of my favourite forms of exercise. I was thrilled to see it feature in your latest issue. It is one of the best ways to feel fit and lose weight. I wish more people would opt for such a fitness regime. Also I would appreciate if you could cover the latest form...

Well wisher

I have been reading Diabetes Health for the past two years. I enjoy reading your articles and find them very interesting. I especially enjoy the section Diab-e-tech. I hope that your team continues doing well and wish them all the very best. Rahul Mehra, Bangalore.

More vegan recipes

During my recent visit to India, I enjoyed reading Diabetes Health in Bengaluru. Thank you so much for so many great articles. These days many Americans are eating more plant-based food. According to American Diabetes Association, "plant-based diet (vegan diet) is naturally higher in fibre, much lower in saturated fat, and cholesterol-free. When fibre intake...

Happy approach

I’m tech savvy and I was impressed by your last issue. It covered a lot on apps and was very intriguing. I was amazed to see so many apps that help people manage Diabetes. Even the Diab-e-tech section was fun to read. I do hope people use these techniques to help manage their condition better....

More recipes

I love cooking and enjoy reading your healthy and innovative recipes. However I do wish if you could have more recipes that children would not only enjoy eating but also enjoy making themselves. So, that they can eat healthy and also get the nutritional value of food. Sarika Agarwal, Pune.

Happy reading

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your magazine. I was really happy to see that Diabetes was covered in such detail. Being a housewife I was particularly interested in the recipes. Also, I have been practicing yoga since I was a kid and the details that were covered in the magazine were really nice. The pictorial interpretations...

Fitness freak

Being a Zumba instructor, I’m very conscious about fitness. I have lots of people with Diabetes who come for my classes and many a times I have to watch that they do not injure themselves and keep up with the routine. Understanding the depth of this lifestyle disorder is very important so that I can...

An enthusiast

Being a tech savvy myself, I found the article on Apple Watch very interesting. I was amazed with the user interface and the multi-purpose application of this smart phone. I think such apps should be more widely available to people at economical cost. People should start exploring the possibilities of using apps in their daily...

Health conscious

I enjoyed reading the articles on “Stress busting food” and “Wholesome grains”. These articles really explained in details the benefits and bifurcation of what is best for you. I personally feel that most people really miss the concept of wholesome grains. They really are beneficial, especially for people with Diabetes. It was the first time...

From the smart diabetic

I enjoy reading Diabetes Health. The magazine has a pleasing and fresh approach. It has assisted me and I believe many other people with Diabetes in being even more in charge of their treatment. I have had Diabetes for 48 years since I was age 5.I have been extremely fortunate to live and read this...

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