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I have started reading Diabetes Health magazine recently. The magazine offers a lot of information that is helpful to better manage different complications of Diabetes. Diabetes runs in my family, which puts me at a risk of developing the condition too. The magazine has encouraged me to take better care of my health and eat well to prevent Diabetes. I especially like the fitness articles as they help me to try new exercises to keep fit. This has increased my compliance with physical activity.

Sejal Mehta, Pune


We are grateful to know that our magazine has encouraged you to understand your health and work towards it. We are highly motivated by your words and will ensure to find more such articles to prevent and manage Diabetes with diet, exercise and medication. Also feel free to get in touch with us through email regarding any query or suggestion.

-The Diabetes Health Team

I have been diagnosed with Diabetes some time ago. I was scared at the beginning, thinking of the long-term management of Diabetes. I travel a lot due to work and have to eat whatever is available at the moment. My diagnosis had put me into worry as to how to manage my diet and medication. The cover story on bones was an eye opener. I had never thought that Diabetes could affect my bone health. Request you to carry more such stories in future.

Sanju Tambe, Pune


We are happy to know that our articles have helped you to understand Diabetes and take charge of your health. We will ensure to include more such articles on how best to manage Diabetes with a healthy diet and medication. Please feel free to get in touch with us through email if you have any suggestion or query.

-The Diabetes Health Team

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