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Diabetes Health Forum

Love for food

I love reading the recipes and I personally feel that eating healthy and controlling your portion size is of utmost importance in people with Diabetes. I always look forward to reading the recipes and try to incorporate health food in our daily diet. Also, the best part is that people with Diabetes have so many options to choose from that they can create their own meals and make them interesting to eat. I do wish people would take some efforts in eating healthy so that by doing so half of their problems will be solved. I absolutely loved the cover story on vegetarianism and Diabetes.

Usha Iyer, Guntur


Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will ensure to include relevant information about diet and Diabetes and how best both can be managed. We will also continue to include relevant information with every issue. Please feel free to get in touch for any further query or suggestion.

- The Diabetes Health Team

Spreading awareness

I was really impressed with your issue as it explored various tests to screen for Diabetes complications like heart or kidney disease, something which most of us tend to ignore. Very rarely do we pay attention to the complications of Diabetes. I'm also very happy that your magazine has been making constant efforts in promoting a positive message and encouraging people not to be shy about their condition. The interviews of people with Diabetes are always inspiring to read. I wish the entire team of Diabetes all the very best and look forward to reading your upcoming issues.

Manish Kundra, Delhi


Thank you for your appreciation. We are happy to know that Diabetes Health magazine has been of help to you to keep fit so to understand Diabetes and its complications. With timely education and medical attention, it is possible to manage Diabetes with the right diet, exercise and medication. We will ensure to include more such informative articles on Diabetes in every issue. Also, feel free to get in touch with us through email for any suggestion or query.

- The Diabetes Health Team

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