(Mar 20 - Apr 21)

In the initial stages of the month you shall feel energetic and enthusiastic and this will reflect in your work. Take special care of your eyes, nose and throat. It is essential that you control your diet and exercise regularly to keep health related issues at bay. Avoid self-medication as this will only worsen your condition.

Lucky numbers: 3 and 8


(Apr 22 - May 21)

Avoid worrying about things as this phase too shall pass by and things will improve. Overall health will be good. Try and spend some quality time with family and friends as this will not only help you feel better but also keep tension at bay. You can also try engaging in your favourite sport to help channelise your energy.

Lucky numbers: 1 and 4


(May 22 - Jun 21)

ealth may take a backseat during this period. You may suffer from ear and throat infections. Take special care of your eyes. Also avoid eating outside and stick to your diet. It is advised that you start a fitness regime to boost your immunity. Try opting for yoga and meditation. You could also try spending some quality time with friends and family to help feel better.

Lucky numbers: 5 and 9


(Jun 22 - Jul 23)

Avoid getting into unnecessary arguments as this may exhaust you and raise your blood pressure. You may feel physically and mentally drained, but things will gradually get better. Try and bring some positive changes in your diet, exercise to aid combating the stress of daily life. Do not neglect your health and take special care of yourself.

Lucky number: 2 and 7


(Jul 24 - Aug 23)

Patients suffering from joint pains should be extra careful during this period, hence, you need to pay special attention to your health. Try some relaxation techniques to keep your mind of petty things. Overall health needs special care. Also avoid eating outside food as you may suffer from severe stomach infections. It is best if you visit the doctor and get your overall health analysed.

Lucky numbers: 5 and 6


(Aug 24 - Sep 23)

Regular exercise will improve your health and increase your general fitness level. Try not to over work as it can prove detrimental. Maintain a balance between your professional and social life. You may suffer from dental problems hence it is better to visit a dentist at the earliest. Maintain hygiene and take special care of feet. Ear infections are also indicated during this period.

Lucky numbers: 1 and 4


(Sep 24 - Oct 23)

Seek medical help immediately if you suffer from symptoms such as poor sleep and appetite, upset stomach, general weakness, vomiting, body swelling and decreased urine output as these are all related to kidney disease. Pay attention to your health. Things will gradually improve so avoid worrying.

Lucky number: 3 and 7


(Oct 24 - Nov 22)

You may experience numbness of feet and hands. These will worsen if you do not seek medical help. Back problems are also indicated, hence, maintain a proper posture and indulge in some physical activity. Chart out a diet plan to shed of extra weight and feel more confident. Make gradual changes in your daily activity and you will feel more active and refreshed.

Lucky numbers: 2 and 8


(Nov 23 - Dec 21)

It is essential to monitor your blood sugar levels regularly to keep the complications of Diabetes away. Avoid eating food high in carbs and sugar. Eating a balanced diet will keep the blood sugar levels in control. Timely medication and medical help will enable you to lead a much healthier and active life. You can also opt for a sport of your liking to increase your physical activity.

Lucky numbers: 1 and 4


(Dec 22 - Jan 20)

You may suffer from issues related to the colon and bladder. Liver disorders are also indicated. Avoid alcohol and outside food to prevent further complications. Regular physical exercise, pranayam and yoga will help you maintain your health and mobility. If you do feel that something is amiss visit the doctor at the earliest. Things will gradually improve.

Lucky numbers: 3 and 6


(Jan 21 - Feb 19)

Health is good. You may suffer from cold and cough from time to time but these will eventually disappear. Maintain your diet and fitness regime to continue feeling better. It is also essential that you maintain a proper work and life balance to continue enjoying this period of good health and vitality. Planning a trip with family or friends would prove beneficial.

Lucky numbers: 8 and 9


(Feb 20 - Mar 20)

Eye problems will continue to bother you and become worse if you do not take care. Engaging in outdoor sports or some sort of physical activity will aid in keeping your body fit and flexible. Avoid taking extra work as you may over exhaust yourself in turn affecting your sleep and appetite.You may also suffer from anxiety attacks hence remain calm and try meditation to bring in some relief.

Lucky numbers: 1 and 2

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