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Your cover story was very interesting and I wish that more people realise that simple habits can help with Diabetes management. I was especially happy to read the article, 'Laughter therapy'. This holds true for any health related issue. I really do hope people become more aware and start paying attention to their health and do undergo annual health checkups as your magazine advises.

Kimaya Sinha, Patna


We are happy to know that our articles have helped you to understand Diabetes and take charge of your health. We will ensure to include more such articles on how best to manage Diabetes with a healthy diet and medication. Please feel free to get in touch with us through email if you have any suggestion or query.

The Diabetes Health Team

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I enjoy reading Diabetes Health. The magazine has a pleasing and fresh approach. It has assisted me and I believe many other people with Diabetes and managing it better. I have had Diabetes for 27 years since I was 19. I have been extremely fortunate to live and read this magazine. Just want the readers to know that just because you have Diabetes does not imply that you have to stop living but enjoy a better and healthier living.

M.P. Mohan, Hyderabad


We are grateful to know that our magazine has encouraged you to understand your health and work towards it. We are highly motivated by your words and will ensure to find more such articles to prevent and manage Diabetes with diet, exercise and medication. Also feel free to get in touch with us through email regarding any query or suggestion.

The Diabetes Health Team

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