Lucky winners will get: 1st prize and 2nd prize

How well do you understand Diabetes? Choose the correct answer from the choices given below, tear/scan this page and send it to us. We have goodies for those who get all the answers correct. Remember, every question has only one correct answer!

So get, set and go!

Lucky winners will get :

1st prize:1 year subscription of Diabetes Health

2nd prize: Diabetes Health T-shirt

Entry should reach the Diabetes Health office by 1st July 2023

1. How much activity should a healthy person with Diabetes get each week, at a minimum?

(a) 60 mins/week

(b) 90 mins/week

(c) 150 mins/week

(d) 300 mins/week

2. What should a person with Diabetes drink while exercising?

(a) Tea or coffee (b) Water

(c) Any carbohydrate drink (d) None of these

3. Blueberries contain more antioxidants than strawberries.

(a) True (b) False

4. A person with Diabetes should get a complete medical examination before starting any exercise regime.

(a) True (b) False

5. People with Diabetes should do weight training with light weights.

(a) True (b) False

6. What are superfoods?

(a) Organic foods (b) Clinically grown foods

(c) Foods full of nutrients (d) Foods that fight cancer

7. Which part of an egg is healthy?

(a) White (b) Yellow (c) Eggs are unhealthy (d) Both white and yellow

8. Which of these nuts are rich in fibre, healthy fats and protein?

(a) Peanuts (b) Almonds (c) Walnuts (d) All of these

9. Which ancient asana in Yoga is called the ‘lotus position’?

(a) Tadasana (b) Shavasana (c) Padmasana (d) Balasana

10. Which date is celebrated as International Yoga Day?

(a) 21st June (b) 31st March (c) 25th April (d) 4th September

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