Mugdha Thatte discusses how knowledge remains an important tool in her fight against Diabetes.

Name: Mugdha Thatte Age: 41 Years Occupation: Home baker

The journey so far

I had a very simple and normal life before my diagnosis of Diabetes. I never knew about Diabetes before my diagnosis. I had an episode of dizziness about a year ago. I was also overweight at that time. My weight was 85 kilos. I used to feel hungry all the time and would take heavy meals. At first, I had ignored the symptoms completely.

During one of my annual check-ups, my blood glucose levels were found to be very high. My physician recommended me to do HbA1c test. My HbA1c was 7.4 per cent which confirmed that I have Type 2 Diabetes.

My physician recommended me to make lifestyle changes to prevent medication and lower my blood glucose levels. I consulted my dietician who informed me about various foods and their impact on the blood glucose levels. I was put on a strict diet and exercise regime to reduce my body weight and lower my blood glucose levels.

My strength

My diagnosis of Diabetes came as an eye opener to me and motivated me to live a fitter life. My physician had been my pillar of strength throughout my journey of becoming fit. He advised me to take

healthy meals and avoid junk food, do regular exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

My family had also encouraged me to follow my physician's advice and change my lifestyle for good.

My current lifestyle

I live a much healthier lifestyle now. Earlier, I would stand or sit for long hours due to work and would not do any exercise. I used to eat a lot of spicy food, sweets and junk food which I have stopped doing now. I eat healthy meals now with a focus on portion control, duration and nutritional value. I have started running every day after my diagnosis of Diabetes. I also try and remain active throughout the day by taking small walks or by taking steps instead of the elevator.

I feel much healthier than before. My body weight has started to reduce and I had lost nearly 6 kilos within the first six months of diet control and exercise. This further helped me to stay on board with my new lifestyle and get fit. I try to manage my ideal body weight now and also keep my blood sugar levels under control.

My diet

I loved eating rice, fried and spicy foods but had to give up after the diagnosis. I have learnt to control my cravings now and eat all my favourite foods occasionally and in moderation.

My diet plan:

Breakfast - 9:00 AM - 1 plate upma or Idli or daliya

Lunch - 2:00 PM - 2 chappatis + 1 bowl dal + 1 bowl sabji + salad + I bowl curd

At evening - 4:00 PM - Black coffee or black tea or lemon tea (sugarfree)

Dinner - 7:30 PM - 2 chappatis or 1 cup rice or dal khichdi

My exercise

Before my diagnosis, I was not regular at exercising. When I had started running after my diagnosis, I used to get tired very quickly. I would switch between walking and running at every 500 metres distance. My dietary changes have helped me a lot and now I run for at least 5 kilometres every day. I have also participated in running marathons in the past year which I aim to continue in the future. I feel happy and motivated after running.

My advice

Awareness is the first step to improve your health condition. Accept your diagnosis and look for positive ways to change your life. Eat simple, home-cooked meals and exercise every day. Exercising has helped me to stay positive and motivated in getting fitter which I wish everyone finds motivating too.

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