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Being diagnosed with Diabetes is a scary life altering diagnosis but it need not mean lowering your quality of life. Mr R. Ramesh shares his experience of managing Diabetes.

Name: R. Ramesh

Age: 38 years

Occupation: Officer in Bank

The journey so far

I live in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. I have been working as an officer in a bank for the last 18 years. I was found to be prediabetic at the age of 17. Prior to this diagnosis, I had no health complaints. I was diagnosed with Diabetes during a pre-surgery blood test. My blood sugar level was 545 mg/dL. I was prescribed insulin injections which I had to take four times a day. At that time, I had trouble accepting the diagnosis but now I have no hesitation discussing my diagnosis of Diabetes with my friends and family.

Living with Diabetes

I eat food according to my diet plan and follow all instructions regarding regular medication and diet. I consume small quantities of food at regular intervals. I regularly go for a walk in the morning and evening for an hour. Today, Diabetes does not affect my lifestyle. I believe Diabetes is not a disease but only a deficiency. I am free to enjoy my life and play various sports.

I have to follow restrictions in my diet but my family and friends have been a pillar of support. They always help me take care of my diet, exercises and medication. My friends always support me and help me whenever I suffer from low sugar levels or any related complication.

My diet

  • Upon waking – 6:00 am – A glass of milk

  • Breakfast – 8:00 am – 3 idly or 2 dosa with tomato or some salads or millet dosa

  • Mid-morning – 10:00 am – 2 biscuits with Coffee/tea

  • Afternoon – 12:00 pm – Salads/tea

  • Lunch – 2:00 pm – 2 cup rice or millet rice with dal, vegetables and butter milk

  • Afternoon – 4:00 pm – Tea

  • Evening – 6:00 pm – Coffee/a glass of milk

  • Dinner – 8:30 pm – Idly or dosa or chappati or millet

Word of advice

My determination to lead a normal and healthy life motivates me to follow my lifestyle. I am happy that my Diabetes does not rule my life. It is important to eat regularly and exercise every day. Learn to enjoy every day and you realise that life is beautiful.

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