Diabetes – A New Beginning

Close-up of a family
Close-up of a family

Renuka Patel shares how her diagnosis of Diabetes has helped her improve the quality of her life.

Name: Ms Renuka Patel

Age: 64 Years

Occupation: Businesswoman

My diagnosis

I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2002 during my hysterectomy (the procedure of removing uterus) surgery. My life before my diagnosis was very happy and full of energy. After learning about my Diabetes, I was very reluctant to share my diagnosis with my friends and family as I was worried about the specific dietary requirements, for example, no sugar in tea. I never liked to walk or do any physical activity. I was never particular about time management and would do things at late hours. Earlier, I used to travel a lot without worrying about food and medications.

I miss my life before Diabetes but my diagnosis has been an eye opener for me. I live a much healthier and disciplined lifestyle now. I regularly consult my physician and understand how I can better manage my condition.

My strength

My family and friends have inspired me a lot to discuss about my diagnosis and they motivate me to follow my daily routine. I enjoy spending time with my peers at the Yoga class. We discuss our health conditions, our thoughts and we also share recipes to follow a healthy diet. My Diabetes medication has been reduced to half which is a big achievement for me.

My current lifestyle

My life, presently, goes according to the clock. I follow a tight schedule and take my medications and meals on time. Earlier, I would freely indulge in sugary foods such as mangoes, ice creams and ice candies during the summer season. I have stopped doing that now. I follow a regular exercise routine and choose my diet consciously. I walk every day for 40 minutes and do Yoga for one hour to stay fit. This has helped me a lot in better managing my blood sugar levels and stay happy and motivated in living a healthy lifestyle.

My diet

My diet plan has helped me to be fit and keep my cholesterol level and blood pressure under control.

  • A glass of water at 11:30 am

  • A glass of juice from any leafy vegetable with one fruit at 12:00 noon

  • Fresh fruit juice and one bowl of salad at 1:30 pm

  • Green tea with one Khakhara or rice flakes chivda at 4:30 pm

  • A palm full of dry fruits of all kinds at 6:30 pm

  • Dinner any food of choice in moderation at 8:30 pm

Note: no milk and milk products except ghee

My advice

Understand your condition completely and take all the necessary steps to keep fit and enjoy your life. Accept your diagnosis and discuss with your doctor how you can better manage it. Know that Diabetes is not the end, it is a new beginning.

Note: Please consult your doctor and dietician before modifying your diet.

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