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Loving mother with daughter
Loving mother with daughter

Being diagnosed with Diabetes is a scary life-altering diagnosis but it need not mean lowering your quality of life. Pushpa Karnik shares her experience of managing Diabetes.

Name: Pushpa Karnik

Age: 43 Years

Profession: Lawyer

My Diabetes, my benchmark

I was a very happy-go-lucky child and always went on to become an active participant in any event in both school and college. I am a trained classical dancer and pursued dancing till the age of 21. I enjoyed my life then and continue to do so till date.

Life was a roller coaster ride till I got a big jolt in 2012 – I found out that I had Diabetes. I experienced severe pain in the stomach, accompanied by blood in the urine which left me petrified. The doctor suggested few pathological tests along with a test to check my blood sugar levels. When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, my readings were 405 mg/dL and my urine reports showed positive ketones.

I was placed on insulin for the next one month after which the readings were 215 mg/dL. After an internal fight with myself, I decided to take charge of my situation and promised myself that I will not allow this disease to win over me.

My health regime

I began exercising, joined the gym, planned my diet and with much difficulty, controlled my cravings for street food. I also began swimming. I felt much healthier.

For someone like me who has been a slave to her taste buds, it wasn't very easy to curb my yearnings for a plate of pav bhaji, wada pav and the tangy chaat. But the desire to live well and to work hard for others pushed me to take the truth on my stride. Today, I follow a healthy diet regime and I am very happy as well as content with my food habits.

To avoid monotony, I bring several variations and modifications in my food and cooking habits. I add lots of vegetables and greens to every possible dish I make. I also make healthy poha, upma, thalipith and idli vegetable.

My diet

7:00 am – Two walnuts and a cup of dalchini (cinnamon) water

Breakfast – 10:00 am – A cup of tea without sugar, ragi satwa with milk and two cucumbers

Lunch – 2:00 pm – Two rotis, a small bowl of green vegetable curry, a small bowl of lentils or sprouts, a salad and a glass of buttermilk or curd

5:00 pm Khakra bhel or a bowl of simple and a cup of sugar-less tea

Dinner – 8:00 pm – One roti, a small bowl of vegetables or soup, a bowl of lentils and some curd

Before bed – 10:00 pm – A glass of milk

Think positive and be optimistic

I feel that strong will power and determination is the key to success and healthy survival. I love to work in a NGO for women; it gives me immense satisfaction and happiness. My Diabetes has made me more disciplined and positive about my life, work and priorities. I work with double energy and passion. I would like to share that no obstacle can stop you from moving ahead in life as long as you have the spirit to fight it and the courage to give it your best shot. Always remember, you are your own best friend.

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