A Diabetic's Guide to Keeping Insulin Cool and Your Spirits High

Winter's cold blanket is slowly retreating and we are moving towards the hottest months of the year! Ah, the sweet embrace of summer the perfect time for a getaway! But for our fellow adventurers with Diabetes, the heat can be a bit of a challenge, especially when it comes to caring for that precious vial of insulin. For people with Type 1 Diabetes insulin is their permanent travel partner! Fear not, because we've got the sunny-side-up scoop on how to keep your insulin cool and your vacation vibes even cooler!

Chill out with insulin cooling cases

Let's start with the basics invest in a cool insulin cooling case! These nifty little contraptions work like magic to keep your insulin at just the right temperature. With various sizes and styles, you can pick one that suits your fashion sense and keeps your insulin chilled, whether you're strolling on the beach or conquering a mountain trail.

Frozen gel packs: your new BFFs

Meet your travel companions, the unsung heroes of the diabetes world frozen gel packs. Toss a couple into your cooler, and voila! You've got a makeshift refrigerator right there in your backpack. These are DIY hacks that I used for years before I bought my first official cooling case! As Indians we are the masters of Jugaad!

Keep it in the shade

Much like finding the perfect beach spot, location matters. Avoid leaving your insulin in direct sunlight, and seek out the cool shade of an umbrella or a stylish sun hat. Your insulin will thank you for the shade, and so will your body!

Know your insulin's limits

Just like your best friend who can't handle spicy food, insulin has its limits too. Check the recommended temperature range for your specific insulin type and make sure your cooling methods are within those bounds. It's like finding the perfect balance between hot and cold Goldilocks would be proud!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

We all know staying hydrated is crucial, but it's even more important when you're on the go with diabetes. Hydration not only keeps you feeling your best but also helps regulate your blood glucose levels. So, make water your summer sidekick and sip your way to a fantastic summer!

Plan your timing

Timing is everything, and that includes managing your insulin during summer escapades. Plan your activities around the cooler parts of the day to minimize exposure to scorching temperatures. Early morning beach walks or late-night stargazing the possibilities are endless!

As you embark on your summer adventure, armed with these practical tips, remember that managing diabetes during travel is all about balance and a touch of creativity.

So, pack your bags, don your coolest shades, and let the summer sun be your guide as you conquer new destinations with a spring in your step and a well-chilled vial of insulin in hand! Safe travels and may your journey be as sweet as can be.

Jazz Geet Sethi is the Founder / Director of the Diabesties Foundation (

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