How to deal with pricks!

Jazz Sethi discusses tips to measure blood glucose level with minimal fuss.
How to deal with pricks!

“Don't do Diabetes in the dark” - a quote I stand by and promote very often. It basically translates to knowing your values and trends and fine tuning your treatment based on those numbers. Monitoring is one of the most important pillars in Diabetes management. We all know it. We all promote it. But do we know the true feeling of those 'pricks'.

Managing blood glucose levels is a serious task, but that doesn't mean it has to be a painful one! For those with Diabetes or at risk of developing it, regularly checking blood glucose levels is essential. However, let's ditch the prickly experience and find ways to make it pain-free and even enjoyable. In this column, we'll explore some quirky tips to help you check your blood glucose levels with a smile.

Choose Alternative Testing Sites - Be a Rebel!

Who said the fingertip has a monopoly on glucose testing? Break the rules and explore alternative testing sites. Your palm can step up to the plate! Just remember to consult with your healthcare provider to ensure these rebellious sites are suitable for you.

Warm Hands, Warm Heart (and Less Pain!)

Imagine this: you're about to check your blood glucose, but instead of the usual chill, your hands bask in the warmth of a mini-spa treatment. Wash your hands with warm water or give them a vigorous rub to increase blood flow. It's like giving your fingers a cosy blanket to make the prick less ouch-y!

Lancet, Meet Mr. Thin and Sharp!

When it comes to lancets, thin is definitely in! Choose the thinnest lancet available to minimize the sting. Just like a tiny ninja, a sharp and sterile lancet will strike swiftly and painlessly. Remember, it's all about finding your needle in a haystack - wait, did we say that right?

Be the Picasso of Lancing Device Settings!

Embrace your inner artist by adjusting the lancing device settings. Start with a shallow setting, and like a master painter adding layers to a canvas, gradually increase it until you get the perfect blood sample. With your creativity and trial-and-error, finding the sweet spot will be a masterpiece in itself!

Moisturise Your Hands

The Smooth Operator Approach! Say goodbye to dry and cracked skin, and hello to silky smooth fingers! Moisturize your hands regularly with a gentle lotion to keep your skin supple and happy. You'll be gliding through blood glucose checks like a smooth operator, without the painful drag.

Channel Your Inner Zen Master

Take a deep breath and find your inner zen before testing. Visualize a serene beach, listen to calming tunes, or imagine yourself conquering a mountain (or a box of your favourite sugar- free chocolates). Relaxation techniques will make testing a breeze, turning it into a Zen- like experience rather than a dreaded chore.

Seek Support and Share a Laugh!

Remember, you're not alone in this journey! Reach out to Diabetes educators, healthcare providers, or support groups for guidance and a good laugh. Sharing stories, tips, and humour with fellow blood sugar warriors can make the process much more enjoyable!

Checking blood glucose levels doesn't have to be a prickly affair. By embracing these pain-free and quirky tips, like being a rebel with alternative testing sites, enjoying a warm hand spa treatment, and embracing your inner Picasso with lancing device settings, you can make the process more light-hearted and fun.

Because at the end that is how to deal with pricks!

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