Easy and reliable early prediction of Diabetes

Diabetes often remains undetected until it has already damaged organs or nerves. This is partly since diagnosis at an early stage is time-consuming and difficult. An international team of researchers has shown that a mathematical calculation based on just two values taken from a blood sample enables the reliable and inexpensive diagnosis of Diabetes at an early stage.

The method, called SPINA Carb, is based on mathematical modelling. All that is required is a blood sample, which is taken in the morning before the patient's had their breakfast. Two values measured in the sample are relevant: the insulin value and the glucose value. These values are entered into an equation that describes the body's control loop for sugar metabolism and breaks it down according to a certain variable. The result is a so-called static disposition index (SPINA-DI).

In computer simulations, the research team proved that the new parameter confirms the theory of dynamical compensation, which predicts that Insulin resistance in people with metabolic syndrome is compensated for by the pancreatic beta cells increasing their activity.

Journal of Diabetes, 2024

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