Air pollution and Type 2 Diabetes

Air pollution and Type 2 Diabetes

A recent research study published in the journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care highlighted a link between long term exposure to fine particulate matter of diameter less than 2.5ìm (PM2.5) and Type 2 Diabetes.

The Center for Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction in South Asia (CARRS) Surveillance Study was conducted in Chennai and Delhi. 12,604 people aged above 20 years were included in the study. Of these, 6,722 individuals from Chennai and 5,342 individuals from Delhi. Out of these participants, 10031 had provided blood samples at baseline and at least one measured glycemic marker (FPG and HbA1c). Assessment of glycemic markers was carried out irrespective of Diabetes status in the entire group.

The results showed that longer duration of exposure to air pollution resulted in an increase in fasting blood glucose as well as HbA1c levels. Long-term exposure to PM2.5 was associated with an increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. In Chennai, the risk of Type 2 Diabetes increased with longer durations of exposure with the highest risk for 2 years of exposure. In contrast, the risk in Delhi was observed to be highest for 1.5 years of exposure.

BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, 2023

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