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The USFDA has approved sotagliflozin, the first dual sodium-glucose cotransporter 1 and 2 (SGLT1/2) inhibitor, for the treatment of the full range of heart failure. Sotagliflozin is a drug that was intended to be used in addition to insulin therapy to improve blood glucose control in adults with Diabetes.

During FDA cardiovascular safety trials for Type 2 Diabetes, 1,222 people were randomised with 608 people in the sotagliflozin group and 614 in the placebo group. The first group was administered sotagliflozin administered just before or just after hospital discharge. Follow up with the discharged patients was done for an average of 9 months. The results showed there was 33 per cent reduction in heart failure for people taking sotagliflozin compared with those taking placebo, as well as fewer deaths. Sotagliflozin was also seen to preserve kidney functioning.

Source: The American Journal of Managed Care, 2023

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