Nuts Help Protect Your Blood Vessels

Source: British Medical Journal Open, 2021
Nuts Help Protect Your Blood Vessels

It is well known that nuts are a great source of good cholesterol. Including nuts in your everyday diet can help manage your cholesterol levels and also they help protect your heart. A recent study published in the journal British Medical Journal Open has found that regular consumption of nuts can help improve the lining of the blood vessels. The study has also tried to establish the role of nuts in chronic conditions like Diabetes and heart disease.

The study was conducted in 70 countries and the participants were provided with different amounts of nuts between 18 and 85 g for consumption. The analysis has shown favourable outcomes in the endothelial functioning (blood vessels) of the participants. Earlier research studies have shown that chronic conditions such as Diabetes cause low grade inflammation. This study has also tried to understand the key role of nuts in treating low grade inflammation. The changes were closely observed through C-reactive protein test (This test indicates the presences of inflammation in the body by measuring the level of C-reactive protein in the blood). Nuts contain elements such as L-arginine and alpha-linolenic acid which increase membrane fluidity. It was also observed that the antioxidants present in the nuts improve blood vessel functioning.

Previous studies have concluded that consuming walnuts improve the elasticity of the blood vessels. The current study has concluded that including nuts as a part of regular diet can help improve endothelial function. Keeping blood vessels healthy is very important as they transport pure blood to other parts of the body and carry impure blood to the heart.

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