Ear wax could detect Diabetes

Source: Diagnostics
Ear wax could detect Diabetes

Diabetes can now be assessed by testing the ear wax, a new research study has found. The study published in the journal Diagnostics has observed that ear wax testing was 60 per cent more reliable than the standard HbAlc (a three-month average of blood sugar levels) to measure blood sugar levels.

The study was conducted on 37 participants and their earwax samples were collected. Also, their blood samples were collected to measure their HbAlc. For follow up, the participants were asked to collect earwax sample using a newself-sampling earwax device. The participants were measured for their fasting, post meal and three-month average blood sugar levels. The results have shown that ear wax testing was more reliable than HbA 1c in measuring the blood sugar levels. Also. the measuring time was faster in earwax testing than the traditional method.

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