Smart fabric recognizes food on the table

Source: UIST20: Proceedings of the 33nt Annual ACM Symposium
Smart fabric recognizes food on the table

Researchers at Microsoft and Dartmouth College have created a new smart fabric that could recognise the food placed on the table. Capcitivo is a smart food tracking fabric that could recognise foods. drinks and other objects through touch sensors.

The fabric is equipped with electrode grid and uses machine learning to identify the shape and material of any item placed on it. The fabric could read the food items through containers such as glasses or bowls. It could be synced with a diet tracking app to help the user create a diet plan based on his or her health parameters and health goals.

The fabric could also help the user create new recipes using the food items placed on the tablecloth. It also gives reminders to carry necessary things while stepping outside or clean the table after a meal is finished. Researchers are currently working to enhance the fabric's sensitivity to identify items from metal containers and also when the foods have random placement on the fabric.

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