Physical activity is essential

Source: European Journal of Sports Science
Physical activity is essential

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the majority of the world population staying indoors to safeguard themselves from contracting and spreading the disease. People across the globe have experienced a drastic change in their everyday routine.

A new research study published in the European Journal of Sports Science has found that just two weeks of sedentary lifestyle could lead to neuromuscular degeneration, fat deposition, insulin resistance, decreased aerobic capacity and inflammation in the body. It also impacts body's capacity to take in oxygen and may also affect heart health.

A lack of physical activity may lead to loss of muscle and strength. particularly in the older adults. This condition is called sarcopenia and it restricts mobility. The study has advised that people should aim for regular exercise of low or medium intensity along with a calorie reduction of 15-20 per cent to keep healthy during the lockdown. Consult your physiotherapist to learn which indoor exercises can help you keep fit.

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