Overthinking may spike blood sugar levels

Source: Scientific Reports
Overthinking may spike blood sugar levels

A new research study has shown that the mere thought of high sugar consumption can cause an increase in blood sugar levels. The study published in the journal Scientific Reports observed 30 participants with Type 2 Diabetes.

They were asked to fast for at least 8 hours before the study. They were provided with a choice of two beverages and were asked to consume either of the two. One of the drinks was labelled as having 0 calories and the other was labelled 124 calories.

The actual number of calories in both drinks were 62. They were asked to come back and repeat the process after 3 days and their blood sugar levels were recorded four times a day. People who thought that they were consuming high-calorie beverage developed a blood sugar spike in comparison to people who thought that they had  consumed  0 calories beverage.

The study showed that psychological conditioning along with diet, exercise and medication could help better manage chronic conditions such as Diabetes.

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