GDM may affect heart health

Source: Diabetes Care
GDM may affect heart health
Mark Hatfield

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus is a condition of high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. The hormone secreted by the placenta prevents the body from secreting insulin. If managed well, GDM goes away after giving birth to the baby. If not managed well, it may develop into Type 2 Diabetes and may cause complications to the baby. A recent research study carried in Canada and published in the journal Diabetes Care has studied the impact of GDM on the heart health of the mother.

The study was conducted on 50193 women who were diagnosed with GDM in 2007-2018. Their health records were assessed and it was observed that nearly 763 women had heart failure in seven years. Women with GDM were found to develop a high risk of experiencing heart disease in the later years.

Consult your diabetologist and gynaecologist to know how to better manage your blood sugar levels during pregnancy.

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