A cup of coffee for health

Source: BMC Public Health
A cup of coffee for health

Coffee might now just be saving the day but health too! A recent research study published in the journal BMC Public Health has found that regular consumption of coffee may have a protective effect on the liver. The research study was conducted in the UK, on 384818 coffee drinkers and 109767 non-coffee drinkers. The participants were monitored for their amount of coffee consumption and risk of developing chronic liver disease. Also, the type of coffee consumed (decaffeinated, instant or ground) was noted.

The participants were monitored for10 years. The results showed that people who consumed a moderate amount, i.e., 3-4 cups of coffee every day had a lower risk of developing liver disease. People who did not consume coffee, people who consumed more than 5 cups and those who smoked or were overweight had a high risk of developing Diabetes, liver disease and obesity. The chemicals present in  coffee have a protective effect on the functioning of the liver if consumed in moderation and pure form. Consult your dietician to know the ideal quantity of coffee consumption for you.

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