New Pills lowers obesity and that build-up

Source: The Journal of Clinical Investigation
New Pills lowers obesity and that build-up

A new research study conducted at John Hopkins School of Medicine has found that a pill developed for treating schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease and sickle cell anaemia could be used to treat obesity and fat build-up in adults.

The study highlighted that postmenopausal women have a high risk of obesity and heart disease due to the release of an enzyme called PDE9. Inhibiting the release of this enzyme could help reduce fat build-up, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. The study was conducted on male and female mice that were provided with a high-fat diet which led to doubling of their body weight, high lipid levels and Diabetes. The female mice underwent surgical removal of ovaries which mimicked

menopause in women. When put on the inhibitor drug, the mice lost their extra weight and also workload on their heart had significantly reduced. This reduced their risk of heart failure and heart attack. The drug did not show any effect on those who had their ovaries intact. This showed that postmenopausal changes in health parameters are of particular importance for wellbeing and should be carefully monitored.

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