Healthy Diet Prevents Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Source: European Journal of Nutrition
Healthy Diet Prevents Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Jose manuel Gelpi diaz

Diet has an important role in the health and wellbeing of an individual. People with poor dietary habits have a high risk of developing health complications due to an imbalance in nutrition. Eating healthy and balanced meals is especially important for expecting mothers.

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is a condition of high blood sugar levels diagnosed in mid-pregnancy, wherein hormones released by the placenta prevents the body from utilising insulin efficiently. With timely medical care, this condition could go away. A healthy diet, exercise and medication may help ensure the healthy growth of the baby. If not taken care of, GDM could result in Type 2 Diabetes in the long term for the mother.

A new study conducted in Finland assessed the connection between diet and onset of GDM in 351 overweight or obese women. Their nutritional intake was recorded using food diaries and the quality of their diet was analysed in comparison to the recommended diet.

The results showed that women who followed a healthy diet in the early stage of pregnancy had a reduced risk of developing GDM. Consuming foods such as red meat, candies, pasta and sugary drinks cause inflammation and increase the risk of GDM. The study advised that eating fresh fruits. vegetables. berries. whole grains help remain healthy during pregnancy.

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