Health benefits of olive oil

Source: Journal of the American College of Cardiology
Health benefits of olive oil

Cooking oil forms an important part of any diet. A new study has found that consumption of olive oil could promote health. The study was conducted on 60,582 women and 31,801 men. Their dietary consumption of olive oil and other fats such as butter, margarine, mayonnaise and dairy were monitored.

Olive oil consumption was calculated on the basis of its use in salad dressings, bread, cooking and frying. The study has found that people who consumed more than 7 grams of olive oil had a significantly low risk of death by heart disease. cancer. respiratory disease and neurodegenerative disease (progressive loss in the function of neurons). The study has

also found that people who consumed olive oil were also physically active, less likely to smoke and had a high daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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