Supplements could reduce COVID-19 risk

Source: Nature Metabolism
Supplements could reduce
COVID-19 risk

People with Diabetes have an increased risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from COVID-19. Researchers have found a link between lower levels of a small molecule in people with Diabetes and the risk of developing severe COVID-19. The study showed that supplements of 1,5-AG, a blood biomarker for human Diabetes, could reduce replication of the coronavirus in mice.

In experiments on mice, researchers found that mice treated with 1,5-AG had milder COVID-19 and less severe lung damage than the control group. The researchers concluded that 1,5-AG deficiency led to for severe Sars-CoV-2 pathogenesis in diabetic mice. Sustained supplementation of 1,5-AG to a normal level in diabetic mice lowered severity of COVID-19. The implications of this research are still being studied.

Research  is on-going to successfully produce  1,5-AG supplement in slow-release capsules. Till such a capsule was available. people with Diabetes could eat foods rich in 1.5-AG. such  as soybeans.

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