Lemon Juice to Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Source: Food Chemistry
Lemon Juice to Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Consumption of specific beverages such as green tea, coffee and lemon juice may help stabilize blood sugar levels, recent research has found. Earlier studies have found that certain foods with acidic or alkaline and antioxidant properties can inhibit digestive enzymes and slow down digestion. A new study published in the journal Food Chemistry has studied the impact of

21 beverages and condiments such as black tea, coffee, green tea, vinegar, wine and lemon juice on the digestion of starch. Starch produces carbohydrates which when broken down during digestion, produces glucose in the body. This glucose provides energy to all bodily functions.

The study was conducted with water and 21 beverages of different acidic or alkaline and antioxidant properties in control and experiment groups, respectively. The study also specifically studied two commonly consumed beverages black tea and lemon juice, due to their strong inhibitory capacity, and their impact on digestion of starch (bread). The results have found that when compared to water. black tea slows down the digestion of food and lowers post-meal blood  glucose release by 20 per cent. The study has also found that lemon juice  slows down digest more effectively than other beverages by inhibiting the functioning of digestive enzymes in the mouth and in the gut. The study also cautions people with Type 2 Diabetes to not consume lemon juice without medical guidance.

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