Is surgery the key?

Group of surgeons working in operating theatre
Group of surgeons working in operating theatre

Obesity and Diabetes are the leading cause of disability and death worldwide. Evidence indicates that gastric bypass improves blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes; however, further investigations are required that compare surgical versus non-surgical methods. A study published in Diabetologia screened 1,808 adults (age: 25-64, Type 2 Diabetes and a body mass index <35 kg/m2). The trial was divided into two groups, those who were assigned gastric bypass (GB) and those who had to follow intensive lifestyle along with medical intervention (ILMI).

The ILMI group was engaged ≥45 min of aerobic exercise five days per week, a dietitian-directed weight- and glucose-lowering diet, and optimal diabetes medical treatment for a period of one year.

Compared with the most rigorous ILMI yet tested against surgery in a randomised trial, the GB group yielded greater Type 2 Diabetes remission in mild-to-moderately obese patients recruited from a well-informed, population-based sample. These findings call into serious question the longstanding practice of using strict BMI cut-offs as the primary criteria for surgical selection among patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

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