Eat While You Succeed!

Eat While You Succeed!

A recent report from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has come up as relief for children with Type 1 Diabetes. Concerned about the blood sugar levels of the students dipping to low levels during the exams, CBSE has decided to allow X and XII standard students with Diabetes to take a mid-snack break during the exams. The initiative has been taken after a study conducted by Delhi Diabetes Research Centre lead by Dr Ashok Jhingan on students of four Kendriya Vidyalaya schools. As a part of the study, the participant schools permitted their students to take mid-snacks during the exam.

Children with Type 1 Diabetes require lifelong administration of insulin. Once they take insulin injection in the morning, they are likely to get hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) during exams. This can lead to sweating, trembling, confusion and fainting. Hence it is important to for the children to take mid-time snacks. Considering that the students need to be consistent through the three hours of the exam duration, a mid-snack break can be a good way to keep up their performance level.

Apart from exams, CBSE Committee is also planning to advice the schools to allow students with Type 1 Diabetes taking snacks in between their regular classes. According to recent statistics, India has witnessed a rise in the incidence of Diabetes in the last few years and is currently the third highest country with incidences of Diabetes. Keeping in view the current numbers, such steps can pave the way for spreading awareness and better manage the condition.

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