Beware of Potatoes


A study published in the British Medical Journal has concluded that eating potatoes four or more times a week may increase the risk for high blood pressure. The researchers pooled results from three observational studies involving 187,453 men and women followed for more than 25 years. The participants returned health and diet questionnaires every two years, including whether a doctor had diagnosed hypertension.

They found that compared to eating potatoes only once a month, having one potato – baked, boiled or mashed – four to six times a week increased the risk for hypertension by 11 per cent. Eating four or more than four-ounce servings of French fries a week increased the risk by 17 per cent. Adjusting the salt and saturated fat intake did not change the results.

The researchers suggest that potatoes cause a rapid rise in blood glucose levels, which is associated with blood vessel problems and inflammation. This may increase the risk for hypertension. In conclusion, your increased intake of potatoes whether baked, boiled, or mashed potatoes and French fries puts you at a higher risk of high blood pressure.

Source: British Medical Journal

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