A New Hope

Source: Diabetes Spectrum 
A New Hope

Diabetes is a condition in which the blood glucose levels in the body are extremely high. According to data provided by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, more than two-thirds of people with Type 2 Diabetes have suboptimal glucose control (i.e., haemoglobin A [A1C] level > 6.5 per cent). It is known that high Hba1c levels increase the risk of short- and long-term complications. Many patients require multiple insulin injections to achieve the desired blood glucose levels. In an effort to the need for minimally invasive delivery alternative insulin injections, the i-Port injection port was developed.

The i-Port is a disposable, low-profile injection port through which prescribed medications, including insulin, can be injected subcutaneously from a syringe or pen without repeated needle punctures of the skin. The i-Port is suitable for adults and children in home and health care facility environments and remains on the body while bathing, sleeping, and exercising.

To support the benefit of this device, a study published in Diabetes Spectrum compared the I-Port to standard multiple dose insulin administration. Seventy four patients were randomly assigned treatment regimens i.e. standard injection (SI), a single I-port device, a dual I-port device. Fifty of the 72 participants (69.4 per cent) reported that the I-Port was useful and helpful in the management of their Diabetes. Also, the device was much more convenient than taking the SI, suggesting that researchers are a step ahead in making Diabetes a painless experience.

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