Resistance Training to Resist Weight Gain

Man running
Man running

Weight loss tends to be challenging when taken up at a progressing age, especially among people of 55 years age and above. It can trigger age-related reduction of muscle weight and can also lead to a decrease in the bone density. This can make the skeletal bones weak and cause muscles to wear.

Recent research has shown that combining resistance training with aerobic can help older adults in successful weight loss. Combining aerobic exercises such as cardio exercises, swimming, walking, hiking and kickboxing with high resistance exercises such as resistance band exercises and push ups also help maintaining bone health and keep muscle health. The research has found that moderating diet with exercise which is a combination of resistance and aerobic exercises helps in maintaining activity levels in older people.

Recent studies have shown that resistance exercises or strength training exercises help prevent age-related skeletal problems such as knee pain, muscle stiffness and lower back pain. Not only does aerobic and resistance exercises strengthen the bones and muscles but they also improve the function of the brain. The study has also shown that regular strength training can help improve brain function, attention and memory. Strength training improves every day activity and reduces stress in the body.

Source: The New England Journal of Medicine

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