Know your medication, one dose at a time! By Dr Neeraj Rayate


What is Allurion weight loss program?

Allurian company has introduced a unique gastric balloon based weight loss program in India which is a completely non-surgical procedure. The Allurion gastric pill is a capsule, which is swallowed under the guidance of a healthcare professional without anaesthesia or endoscopy. The Allurion gastric pill is safe and can help achieve an average loss of 10-15 per cent of your excess body weight in just 16 weeks.


A swallowable capsule attached with a fine guide wire is swallowed by the patient. When the x-ray confirms it to be in stomach, the guide wire is used to pump in about 550 ml water. The vegan

capsule- holds a deflated balloon within. As the balloon fills up, it cracks the pill open. When the second x-ray confirms the water-filled balloon in the right spot in the stomach, the guide wire is pulled out.

The whole procedure is performed under the supervision of an Allurion-certified doctor and the entire procedure takes roughly about 15-odd minutes. This product is the first weight loss program that neither requires an endoscopy nor anaesthesia for placement or removal. After 16 weeks the pill balloon degrades and leaves the body naturally. During these 16 weeks, a person can easily follow a calorie restricted diet as the balloon will help him/her to achieve early satiety and accelerate the weight loss.


.Age over 18

. BMI of 27 or above

. Have tried dieting with little success



. Quick procedure (hospital admission is not required)

. No anaesthesia or surgery required

. Reduces weight over four months


Side effects

The side effects are a result of the body's natural defence against the balloon as a foreign object in the stomach but they only tend to last for 3-4 days before the body adjusts and the feelings subside.

. Nausea and Vomiting - Some patients experience feelings of nausea and many liken it to the feeling you get with sea-sickness. The allurion certified doctor may prescribe anti-sickness medication to reduce these symptoms. The diet prescribed during first phase also helps patients to manage such symptoms. The person also needs to remain sufficiently hydrated.

. Stomach cramps - Occasionally patients experience cramping but this is short lived and improves once the stomach adjusts to the balloon.

Dr Neeraj Rayate is a GI and General surgeon with expertise is laparoscopic and robotic surgery for gastro-intestinal diseases and bariatric surgery.

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