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Make time for workouts

Neha Gadgil shares with Diabetes Health on the importance of being physically as well as mentally fit.

A little bit about me

I'm currently a full-time working mom and use my spare time to work out to shed the kilos that I had gained during pregnancy. I have always been passionate about travelling and trying out local cuisines wherever I go. During my growing years, I never took classes for any sport apart from swimming. In school, I was a part of the yoga team and have represented my school in indigenous games – langdi and khokho.

My fitness regime

To me fitness means having to take as few medicines as possible, to feel good every day and sleep well every night. Apart from my pregnancy and post-partum period, I have rarely been on medication. Regular exercise regime and good eating habits is something I have been following since last 4-5 years. I prefer to go for a swim. I feel the weather in India is most suitable for swimming. It is extremely refreshing and a complete exercise.

Apart from that, in winters, I love to go for a jog. I have completed a couple of 10k marathons in 2013. I have also been practicing yoga thrice a week since 4 years now. My current routine is usually yoga and stretches for about 10 minutes in the morning. I go for a swim (30 minutes) or jog (2 km) early evenings. I try to do either of these activities daily for at least 5 times a week.

My diet

Time of the dayDietBreakfast (8 am)1 mug of protein shake/milk, cornflakes/egg whites/pohe/upmaLunch (1 pm)2 phulkas, 1 bowl vegetable, 1 bowl daal, salad, little riceEvening Snack (5 pm)1 mug of milk, 3-4 biscuits. Occasionally khakra and farsaanDinner  (9 pm)1 bhakri/phulka, 1 bowl of green leafy vegetable, salad.Once a week chicken or fish dish along with roti and rice

I usually spend my weekends dining outside. One change that I would like to make in my current lifestyle is to cut down on the amount of soft drinks I consume. I don't have one every day, but I do pretty often. Even though I know the adverse effect it has, it is one habit I have not been able to shake off.

Takeaway message

My father has Diabetes since last 40 years. This is one of the reasons why I keep monitoring my sugars as I know that I'm at risk of developing Diabetes in the future. Also, the fact that I had gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy further motivated me to take better care of myself, which is why I make conscious effort to stay away from fried and sugary food and maintain my weight. I ensure that I stick to my fitness regime and incorporate more cardio exercises. I personally feel that the best way to stay fit physically and mentally is by establishing a routine that way my day is sorted and I still remain active at the end of the day.

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