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Manoj Purohit shares with Diabetes Health team how small changes go a long way to make a difference.

A little bit of me

I'm 50 years old and an advocate by profession practicing direct and indirect taxes. I work for 10-11 hours each day. Since I mostly handle paper work I just sit the entire time. I barely had any physical activity. But now I have introduced one hour of physical activity in my daily routine and by doing so my endurance level has improved. I feel rejuvenated and have started enjoying my physical activity as it keeps me fit.

My fitness regime

I was never a sport person in my childhood days. But I would participate in 100 and 200 metre races when we had Sports day. Since I prefer brisk walking, running, Pilates, cardio exercises, yoga, trekking, rappelling (the art of descending a cliff face or wall while suspended from a rope) I have incorporated the same in my daily routine. I do either Pilates or yoga or cardio exercises for an hour each day. On the weekends I go for long runs (10-12kms) sometimes up the hill or along the shore.

My diet

I start my day with a heavy breakfast. I then have a fruit at 1 pm followed by lunch at 3 pm. I snack on either nuts or fruits at 6 pm and then have my dinner by 10 pm which consists of 1 roti and a vegetable occasionally I may have a bowl of soup and salad. I avoid eating rice at night. Before I would have sweets everyday but now I have it rarely. I also avoid sugar in my tea. If I had to make one change in my lifestyle then I would like to quit eating sweets and aerated drinks completely.

Takeaway message

Diabetes runs in my family. So I'm extra alert when it comes to eating. I have significantly reduced the amount of sweet intake. Moreover, I personally feel that we should make time to exercise at least an hour daily so that we can live healthier and fitter life.

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