Enjoy everything in moderation

diet food
diet food

"Enjoy everything in moderation"

If you have a sweet tooth and are diagnosed with Diabetes not only does it become difficult to accommodate your new meal plan but also coming to terms with reality. Spandana Birajdar shares a story of man who is trying his best not to overindulge in one of his most favourite craving, his love for sweets.

Being diagnosed with Diabetes, takes a while to sink in our system. The most common reaction that people have is that they have to give up the food that they once enjoyed. This mixed with the anxiety regarding the complication of the disease only adds to ones fear. But once you learn that you can enjoy everything in moderation the journey ahead becomes much easier. Such is the story of Mr Surajit Roy and he shares his experience with Diabetes Health.I would like to call myself a fitness freak as I exercise religiously. At 18 years of age, I attended a ten day yoga workshop which made me realise the feel-good effect of exercise. Joining the gym as an age appropriate activity introduced me to the enjoyment of pumping iron. I was also amazed at my soaring energy level after a workout session. But what really cranked up my fitness level was the first ever Mumbai Marathon in 2004. I participated in the 42 kms run in spite of a healthy dislike of running and surprised myself by completing the marathon. This provided the impetus for further exercising.

Name: Mr Surajit Roy

Age: 61 years

Profession: Retired

The journey so far…

I'm a retired colonel and have worked for almost 33 years in the army. In addition I have worked for eight years in the corporate. Prior to this I was working with an American multinational company for 6 years. Although my lifestyle has been very hectic I use to enjoy numerous sporting activities. I was overall active and enjoyed eating sweets at my will; until I was detected with Diabetes at the time of my surgery at the age of 44.

Impact on your family

After my diagnosis my family avoided going out for dinners so that I don't get tempted to eat sugary food from outside. I have always had a sweet tooth and at the drop of a hat I would sneak and eat chocolates or sweets at any odd hours. Hence, not being able to enjoy eating sweets when I want would always create rifts between me and my family. But I'm still learning, I'm not saying it's impossible but I'm getting there at a steady pace. The most difficult part after my diagnosis is that I have to be vigilant and consume small portions of food six times a day. Also I ensure that I take my insulin before meals or before going out for dinner parties.

My Diet

At 6 am I have a cup of overnight soaked fenugreek (meethi) seeds followed by a glass of nimbu pani. After a while I have a cup of tea without sugar with very little milk and 5 kernels of almond soaked overnight. I have my breakfast at 9 am which consists of a bowl of oats with almonds, a glass of thin buttermilk and 1 boiled egg without the yolk. At 11.30 am I have a cup of tea without sugar and after a while I have a bowl of fruit i.e. muskmelon, apple, apricots, papaya, and watermelon. I have my lunch by 2 pm which includes 1 chappati, ½ cup of vegetable, ½ cup dal and 1/4th cup of curd. At 4.30 pm I have a cup of sugarless tea with 2 crackers. I round up my day by having dinner at 9 pm which consists of 1 chapatti or one cup of rice with starch removed, a piece of chicken/fish or a cup of dal and ½ cup of green vegetables.

There are times when I miss eating sweets and some of my favourite fruits. But as I said before I'm learning to control and stick to my portion size to the best of my ability.

My friends and family

I'm not ashamed that I have Diabetes. In fact all my friends and family members know that I have Diabetes. They even help me and encourage me to manage my condition. They are my inspiration and it is because of them that I have learnt to manage my condition with ease. They are my pillars of strength and I'm doing much better in life today because of them.

Word of advice

Just because you have Diabetes does not imply that you cannot enjoy life. You just have to have to balance your diet, exercise and make small changes in your day to day life. Do not abstain yourself from the little pleasures of life and do not overindulge. Enjoy everything in moderation and you will see that your life is not much different than a normal individual. Since you live only once make the most of it.

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