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I have recently started reading Diabetes Health and I like the content of the magazine a lot. There is a lot of useful information enclosed in every issue of the magazine. The language is very simple and easy to understand. Every topic is dealt in detail and is explained in a lucid way. I really like the recipes which are healthy and easy to prepare with minimal ingredients. The magazine has truly helped me understand and manage Diabetes the correct way.

Vaibhav Sharma, Pune

Helpful and relevant

I have been reading Diabetes Health magazine for a few years now. My husband has a family history of both Diabetes and hypertension. When he was first diagnosed with Diabetes, I was completely clueless as to what to cook and how to help him keep a track of his medication. A friend recommended that my husband and I read Diabetes Health to learn about managing his diet, medication and exercise. The articles on Diabetes and its complications helped us realise that hypertension can be prevented with timely medical care. Also, the articles in the ‘Nutrition’ section helped me understand about diet and its impact on health. The magazine has helped me a lot in my attempt to support my husband to manage his health.

Sulekha Oak, Pune

Emphasis on health and balanced diet

I have found Diabetes Health magazine to be very informative and helpful. My mother has Diabetes and the extensive coverage of various topics in this magazine has helped us to understand the type of care people with Diabetes require. Also, I have been newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Since I don’t have any other health condition, I have been advised to manage it only through diet and exercise. The articles in the Nutrition section have been particularly helpful for me to make the right choices for myself. The articles have inspired me to follow a healthy diet without compromising on taste and nutrition.

Raunak Shah, Pune

Up to date information

I have been following Diabetes Health magazine for 1 year. The subject matter is to the point and is precisely what I need. Every topic is dealt with in detail and explores everything that is required for the readers to know. I also recommend my friends and family members to read the magazine to understand and gain awareness of Diabetes.

Payal Rajput, Jaipur

Engaging and Educative

I have recently started reading Diabetes Health magazine. I find the content to be in-depth and informative. Every topic of the issue is covered in detail and offers a clear insight into the lesser-known matters about Diabetes. The language of the magazine is precise and easy to understand. My father has been recently diagnosed with Diabetes. There is no family history of Diabetes and we were counselled that my father was diagnosed with Diabetes due to high-stress levels. The articles published in Diabetes Health magazine provide insights into how stress is associated with Diabetes and how best to manage both stress and Diabetes.

Rahul Kumar, Mumbai

Relevant Information

I have been reading Diabetes Health magazine for two years now. The articles address the known and unknown medical issues in easy to understand language. All the articles in Diabetes Health are written by doctors offering accurate and ethical information. I like keeping myself updated with the latest technology available for Diabetes management. The articles in the ‘DH Tech’ section make me aware of the latest technological options available for people with Diabetes. I would recommend people with Diabetes and their caregivers to stay well-informed from reliable sources like Diabetes Health magazine.

Manish Nair, Coimbatore

Provides in-depth knowledge

I regularly read Diabetes Health and like the content very much. There is a lot of information covered in every issue. The magazine provides in-depth knowledge about Diabetes. The Fitness section helps me understand how we can stay fit every day with simple exercises. Short but meaningful information is provided in every issue through news and queries answered by doctors. I enjoy reading Diabetes Health and will recommend it to my friends and family.

Prateek, Raipur

Delicious and simple recipes

I have recently subscribed to Diabetes Health magazine. I found the content highly engaging and easy to understand. I love eating and preparing different dishes. Initially, my diagnosis of Diabetes had put me in a dilemma as to how to manage my diet. My dietician encouraged me to try and find new and innovative methods to prepare the usual foods that I love. In Diabetes Health magazine, Then, I found the most common recipes put together in innovative ways to suit the requirement of people with Diabetes. This has lifted my spirits and helped me in better managing my Diabetes during the lockdown period.

Kumud Baruah, Jorhat

Comprehensive information

I enjoy reading Diabetes Health. The magazine has a pleasing and fresh approach. It has helped me understand Diabetes and how to manage it better. I have had Diabetes for 20 years since I was 30. I have been extremely fortunate to get to know and read this magazine. Just want the readers to know that just because you have Diabetes does not imply that you have to stop living but you can enjoy a better and healthier living.

Jaideep Sutar, Kolhapur

Practical and handy tips

I have been reading Diabetes Health magazine for 7 years now. I was diagnosed with Diabetes 10 years ago and have been experiencing joint pains for the past year. I had read the about the benefits of exercises such as aqua spinning and Nordic walking on joints in the magazine. After consulting my physiotherapist, I started Nordic walking. This activity has provided me with a lot of relief from joint pains and has also increased the range of motion in my legs. I feel fitter now. Also, articles on diet and the latest technology for Diabetes management have helped me know easy ways to manage my well-being.

Rajashree Ghelani, Vlasad

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