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Diabetes Myth – I test my blood sugar levels daily. I don’t require any additional health check-up.

Diabetes is often termed a silent killer. Left untreated, its pervasive nature affect kidneys, nervous system, heart, blood vessels, eyes, liver, bones, gums and teeth. Diabetes can silently damage organs as not all blood glucose spikes are detected through blood sugar tests. This can lead to development of complications without the person’s knowledge. In other words, there are no symptoms. The damage is silent as well.

For instance, heart disease may be silent with no symptoms like chest pain. Suddenly one day the individual may suffer a catastrophic heart attack. A comprehensive annual check-up can help detect complication affecting the eyes, kidney, nerves and heart. Annual testing can help can detect these associated complications in time.

Some tests which prove to be useful are:

  • HbA1c blood glucose test (indicates average blood glucose levels over the last 3 months.).
  • Blood pressure and weight check (at every office visit).
  • Lipid profile test which measures cholesterols in your blood (once a year). An ECG is also recommended.
  • Dilated eye exam to determine the health of the blood vessels inside your eye (once a year).
  • Urine test and blood test to check your kidney health (once a year).
  • Complete foot exam to check for calluses, reduced blood flow and loss of feeling in your feet (a complete exam once a year, a brief foot exam during every visit).

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