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Diabetes Myth – Diabetes drugs adversely affect kidneys

People with Diabetes often take several medications lifelong. They often worry if these medications have side effects or if they damage organs.

Many people believe that Diabetes drugs can damage organs like kidneys. Sometimes, when blood glucose levels are uncontrolled, oral drugs do not work anymore. The consulting doctor often prescribes insulin. But many people refuse to take insulin due to their fear of needles. Hence insulin levels remain low causing blood sugar level spikes. This leads to unnecessary exposure of the body to high glucose levels. Damage caused by high blood glucose levels may lead to kidney disease. This damage to the kidneys is incorrectly attributed to medication when the real culprit is the high blood sugar level.

While some Diabetes drugs can cause glucose loss in the urine and lead to urine infection, these very same drugs have also been shown to protect kidneys. The truth of the matter is that it is not the drugs or medication which damages the kidneys. On the contrary, it is the high glucose levels which damage the kidneys.

Yes, it is true that many medications have side effects. However these medications are usually prescribed by doctors when benefits exceed the risks.

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