Advanced Tracking

Advanced Tracking

Dr Rajesh Javherani talks about fitbit, a special gift from his sister, a device that helps him lead a fitter life.

What it is…

Most would say it is a wrist band or maybe a wrist watch. Simply put it is a smart electronic device around your wrist which tracks your daily physical activity, the amount of calories burnt, your daily food intake and the hours that you sleep. It is linked to an app on my i-phone. The daily data tracked syncs with the app and the same data can be read and interpreted in a tabular or graphic form.

The device not only tells me the time but also has a caller id linked to my phone. The name of the person calling me or the number from where the call comes from, is also displayed.

Daily activities

This smart device tracks the number of steps taken, the number of floors I have climbed throughout the day. A side key button provides snap shot information on the number of steps taken and the amount of calories burnt. Besides tracking my fitness, I also track my diet. I keep entering the amount of food I consume during each meal. So at the end of the day I know how much I can consume and watch out for my portion size. In short my fitness and nutritional intake is well balanced.

The fitbit also has a database of popular brand name products along with their caloric values. Based on this users can access the amount of calories they want to consume in a day if they are trying to lose weight.

Helping hand

Since I have started using Fitbit my life has changed for the better. I'm more aware of what I eat and how much I actually workout. It helps me stay motivated and I have gained a better knowledge of how to manage my fitness as well as my diet. I have also realized that every step that I take brings me closer to reach my goal. It inspires me to stay fit and incorporate some form of physical activity in my routine.

Key points

The device is extremely light weight and can be worn like a wrist band. The battery life is good and requires charging once in two days. As it is linked to apple phone via Bluetooth all data can be viewed in the app.

The main advantage of the Fitbit is that it tracks all the physical activity you do through out the day while at work or at home. This is my inspiration to do better each time, as the increase in numbers help me in beating my personal best records.

Advice to readers

I would personally recommend this device as people would really benefit from it. The alarming rate with which Diabetes and obesity is increasing in our country, we need to look after ourselves. Lifestyle modifications through diet and exercise still remain the first choice of treatment in most cases and its upto us to keep fit and stay healthy. Any form of physical activity goes a long way to keep diseases at bay. A small change now will ensure a healthy and disease free life. So why not start now!

Dr Rajesh Javherani is Consultant Diabetologist at Chellaram Diabetes Hospital, Pune.

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