Godrej Insulicool

Godrej Insulicool

As people living with Diabetes and being insulin-dependent, insulin is a daily part of our lives and one of the biggest challenges we face is storing insulin at the right temperature, especially when travelling or staying in temporary accommodation like a hostel etc. When I first heard about Godrej Insulicool ,+ I got excited and decided to test it out to see if this product suits my needs. I received this product for testing for about 10 days. cooling efficiently around 45 minutes to one hour after starting. Overall I would say it's a great attempt by Godrej in trying to address needs of people living with Diabetes.

Here's my take on this: Like any other product in the market, Godrej Insulicool + has its own share of pros and cons. And these pros and cons are based on my specific needs.


  • Lightweight, portable

  • Consumes less power

  • Can be used as a mini fridge exclusively for insulin (very helpful if you are living in a hostel or cannot afford a fridge just for maintaining Diabetes supplies.)

  • Can run on power bank (provided) for up to 4 hours and even longer on Car charger

  • Protects your insulin by always keeping it at the right consistent temperature


  • Needs constant power and in case of power loss, must be reconnected within 10 minutes to alternate source of power, which is quite a drawback (unless you use an inverter).

  • Carrying this in an airplane cabin (and keeping it on) is not viable. Suitable only for road-trips or train journeys where you have power socket available.

  • For longer journey periods where you need to carry more than 9 vials or 8 cartridges (like I did recently) this is not suitable.

  • For the price of approximately INR 8,500, I feel it could offer more features to improve its value for money quotient.

Verdict: Should you buy it? Well now that you have seen the pros and cons, you can decide if the usage scenarios listed in pros are applicable for you and that the cons can be overlooked or tolerated. I personally will want to wait for Godrej to improve this technology and eliminate the minuses. Until then I will have to make do with insulin cooler packs for travel and my good old refrigerator while at home.

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