Brush up on what's new in the market with the latest technology that helps improve your overall fitness. Aniruddha Godbole shares his experience with Spandana Birajdar on using the Jawbone device and how it helps him track his daily physical activity.

Defining Jawbone

Jawbone UP is essentially an activity tracking device i.e. it tracks your physical activity, diet and sleep and also doubles up as a smart body alarm. The various functions in the device include:

  • Physical activity: It tracks the number of steps, workouts, specific exercises and translates the same into distance travelled, calories burned, idle time etc.
  • Diet: It helps you to monitor the food intake, including simple water intake and the overall food score. However, it is difficult to monitor intake of Indian meals as device is built to track barcodes.
  • Sleep: It tracks your sleeping patterns, including the quality of sleep. For this, the device needs to be tuned to the sleep mode.

Over a period of time, the device helps you understand the pattern of your physical activity and even prompts changes in your lifestyle. It acts like a coach that gets to know you and then guides you to make relevant decisions to lead a more active life.

Managing daily activities

Jawbone UP can be used to monitor your daily physical activity by a judicious use of the various functions. It can be configured to alert the wearer as a morning alarm, lunch time reminder, bed time reminder and even an idle body alert, with a view of bringing more discipline in respect of paying attention to the body's needs. I am not aware of how the device tracks your daily activities scientifically, and neither does the official website describe the same. However, I understand that the strip contains a motion sensor and a vibration motor, which monitors the physical activity. In addition, it also acts like an actimetry sensor, which registers movements during sleep.

How it helps

Before I started using the Jawbone UP device, I was unable to track the regularity and extent of the activity while doing physical exercises/activity. However, after having bought the device, I have customised it to set goals in respect of daily physical activity (like morning alarm, reminder alarms, goal to walk 10,000 steps every day), my water intake (at least 2-3 litres everyday) and my sleeping pattern (minimum of 8 hours of sleep each day). As compared to 10 months ago, I am definitely more careful of my aforementioned activities.


The device is very easy to use and has a friendly interface. Also, the data is very easy to understand and monitor. Given its modeling and colour options it can be worn throughout the day, even at work.


It is a bit expensive at USD 149 overseas. Also, it does not show the data real time on the device, unless one has a smartphone with the Jawbone UP app.

With changing lifestyle and demands it has become difficult to stay physically fit and track your daily physical activity. Jawbone is one such device that helps you lead a more active lifestyle. Hence I would advise that people become more aware of such devices invest in the same as the benefits are numerous, after all health is wealth.

Mr Aniruddha Godbole is a Chartered Accountant and auditor by profession and a partner in an audit and accounting firm.

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