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An App to Personalise Diabetes Care

Diabetes Health Team looks at how the Healthplix app benefits both doctors and their patients

What is an app?

The word app is short for “application”. Application is a software application (a software program) which enhances functionality, in a simpler more user-friendly way. Apps are easy to download and easy to access directly on your phone or other mobile devices like tablets or music players. With an Internet connection on your mobile device, you can directly download apps onto it.

Personalisation of health care matters

No two Diabetes cases are identical so treatments differ from individual to individual even if their blood sugar levels are similar. Treatment depends on the degree of insulin deficiency and insulin resistance and the individual’s lifestyle. Apps are increasingly being used in health care management. Frequent follow-up with the doctor is the cornerstone of good diabetes care. During every such visit or follow up at the doctor’s clinic, the doctor could change medicine or add a new medicine or adjust the dosage of the insulin or ask the patient to continue without any change. The doctor does this by looking at the sugar levels, activity (exercise), food intake, and insulin (if the patient is taking insulin) together with all other clinical data the doctor has about the patient. Often distance and time constraints cause prolonged gaps between consecutive visits to the doctor resulting in repeated instances of hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia going unattended and incorrect food and exercise habits never being corrected.

So essentially, successful Diabetes care and management rests on finding the treatment that works best for the person with Diabetes. This highlights the importance of personalising Diabetes care and management.

How does the HealthPlix app work?

A doctor who uses HealthPlix Digital Health Platform offers HealthPlix app to his or her patients. A patient downloads the HealthPlix app on his/her smart phone and enters the doctor code which instantly connects the patient to the doctor. Patients can enter their blood sugar readings, activity, meal intake, insulin/oral medicines among other data.

This information will be transmitted to the doctor automatically who will then review it along with the clinical summary of the patient obtained from the HealthPlix digital health platform. After reviewing all the data, the doctor will advise the patient on what action needs to be taken. This process repeats for the duration the patient is subscribed to the continuous on-going care with their doctor. Combination of the data entered by the patient and the clinical summary helps the doctor ascertain the right treatment regimen.

HealthPlix app makes this interaction between the patient and the doctor seamless, quick, and more efficient as compared to the existing health care setup. This ease with which the people with Diabetes are able to seek their doctor’s advice makes managing fluctuating blood sugar levels faster and easier.

Salient features of the HealthPlix app

For the patients, include:

  • Patient diary of test reports, medication, diet, exercise. Etc.
  • e-Prescription, medication reminder, visit notes, diet plans by doctor
  • Instant messaging between doctor and patient

For the doctors, include:

  • 360° view of patient background relevant to ailment
  • Reports and analytics to help better the quality of patient care

Summing up

This app helps doctors and patients save time as patient care is streamlined. Help can be sought and received in real time. This app offering doctor-led remote monitoring and consultation helps reduce patient anxiety. Consistent feedback from a trusted doctor has been known to enhance glycaemic improvements and reduce hospitalisation in patients. Doctors also benefit from this app as patient engagement through smartphone-enabled solutions offers a great opportunity to improve health outcomes in the long run.

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