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Every New Year is a time of hope. As we stand on the cusp of 2021, we hope. We hope for a vaccine. We hope for new treatments for COVID-19. We hope that the herd immunity might bring an end to the pandemic. As far as...

I Befriended Diabetes

Rohan Arora was diagnosed with LADA – a form of Type 1 Diabetes. He has not only taken control of his well-being but continues to dedicate time and energy to help others with Diabetes through the Blue Circle...

Awareness Safeguards Your Health

Taking care of the family comes naturally to elders. But it is also important to take care of their own health while caring for their younger ones. Mrs Mary Thomas narrates how she learnt to be aware of her foot health...

You’re Type 1 of a Kind!

Jazz Sethi talks about how her journey of Type 1 Diabetes has made education her purpose of life Name: Ms. Jazz Sethi Age: 25 Years Profession: Founder and Director of Diabesties Foundation, professional dancer and...

Give a Positive Twist to Life

Sometimes, an unexpected encounter could significantly change the course of life. Dr Rajesh Javherani shares one such event that inspired him to make a positive change in his life. Name: Dr Rajesh Javherani Age: 49...

Awareness can Prevent Diabetes

Madhav Awargand discusses how awareness had helped him give a positive turn to his life Name: Madhav Awargand Age: 30 Years Occupation: Food catering business The journey so far I had a very simple and normal life...

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