Diabetes Health

The Spring of Hope

“It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” – Adapted from A Tale of Two Cities authored by Charles Dickens With the advent of coronavirus vaccines, the winter of despair could well be...

‘How’, ‘why’, and the Deep Blue Sea

John: Dear Jane, why are you obese? You need to control your diet and exercise more. Jane: Ok John. But why are you asthmatic? You need to breathe harder and take in more air! Just as bronchial asthma is not...

Diabetes Distress

Diabetes Distress Dr Sanjay Kalra discusses the emotional impact that Diabetes has on one’s mind and how to deal with it Diabetes distress defined Living with Diabetes may sometimes be challenging. The...

A Dialogue on Diabetes Nutrition

The Diabetes Health Team interviews Ms Sheryl Salis on the importance of Diabetes Nutrition and talks about her latest book that aims to educate people about the right approach to Diabetes diet How important...

Perioperative Care for Elective Surgery

Can Diabetes make surgery more complicated? Subimol Abhilash Murali offers tips to counter the cyclic impact Diabetes and surgery have on each other. Diabetes and surgery People with longstanding Diabetes get...


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