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Mr Muslim Kapasi discusses with the Diabetes Health team the need for awareness and knowledge in Diabetes care.

Name: Mr Muslim Kapasi

Age: 48 Years

Occupation: Chief Executive Officer and blogger at www.sugarkibimari.com

Unaware about my diagnosis

I started working very young in the Mumbai city and led a very active life. There came a point when I would exercise intermittently but whenever I would resume my exercise especially the high intensity routines, I would urinate excessively and frequently. I assumed it was due to the constant fluctuation from a dormant to active lifestyle. This issue continued for a few years.

Once while travelling for work to London, all the symptoms worsened. My appetite increased, I was constantly thirsty and would simultaneously feel the need to urinate repeatedly. This is when I also experienced loss of sleep and a lot of fatigue. Even after having sufficient sleep, I would still feel weary and tired. When I reached Mumbai, I visited my family doctor for a complete check-up. My random blood glucose test showed my blood sugar level at 495 mg/Dl and I was diagnosed with Diabetes.


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