Diabetes Health

You’re Type 1 of a Kind!

Jazz Sethi talks about how her journey of Type 1 Diabetes has made education her purpose of life Name: Ms. Jazz Sethi Age: 25 Years Profession: Founder and Director of Diabesties Foundation, professional...

Managing Diabetes is a Team Effort

Ravinder Sus discusses the importance of positive outlook and support system while tackling with Diabetes Name: Mr Ravinder Sus Age: 63 Years Occupation: Retired Bank Personnel The journey so far I was...

Give a Positive Twist to Life

Sometimes, an unexpected encounter could significantly change the course of life. Dr Rajesh Javherani shares one such event that inspired him to make a positive change in his life. Name: Dr Rajesh Javherani...

Family Support is Key to Mnagae Diabetes

The Diabetes Health team highlights the important supportive role the family plays in helping people manage their Diabetes. Our near and dear ones also play an important role to successfully tackle the menace...

Awareness can Prevent Diabetes

Madhav Awargand discusses how awareness had helped him give a positive turn to his life Name: Madhav Awargand Age: 30 Years Occupation: Food catering business The journey so far I had a very simple and normal...


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