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Nuts Help Protect Your Blood Vessels

It is well known that nuts are a great source of good cholesterol. Including nuts in your everyday diet can help manage your cholesterol levels and also they help protect your heart. A recent study published in the...

Eating Disorders and Diabetes

Type 2, the common variety of Diabetes has been attributed to obesity, consumption of excess junk food and lack of exercise. Excess calorie consumption, therefore, would lead to Type 2 Diabetes. Hence, it is important...

Drink More Water to Maintain Sugar Levels

Maintaining hydration level in the body is one of the common concerns among people, especially in people with Diabetes. Drinking sufficient water hydrates the body and also regulates digestion. Insufficient water intake...

Aquatic exercises for elderly

Move ahead of hot water bath and refuge in the fun-filled aquatic exercises. Studies have shown that aquatic exercises such as water walking, water weightlifting and water resistance exercises can help older adults with...

Walking Helps

  The rates of obesity and Diabetes are rapidly increasing. It is well-known that increasing your physical activity does wonder for your blood sugar levels and other complications that are associated with Diabetes...

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